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Oak IT
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Oak IT
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Oak IT
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IBM Maximo® Application Suite

Oak IT addressess top challenges faced by our customers

IBM Maximo Application Suite is a powerful tool that can help organizations manage their assets more effectively, but it requires investment of time, resources, and expertise to implement and use it effectively. Oak IT can help to deal with all the challenges.

Oak IT helps bring significant benefits to businesses in increased productivity, cost savings, and competitive advantage in early adoption.

Remove fear of the unknowns
Quick Adoption of 8.x
Remove underlying complexity of 8.x
Catalyst in moving from 7.6.1 to 8.x

Cost and Time
First time MAS implementation
Increasing Infrastructure costs
Increased time to Market

Specific expertise to migrate Websphere, MAS, Database
Skills to Lift & Shift or rearchitecture migration
Red Hat OpenShift and Kubernetes Skills along side Cloud management

Technical Hurdles
Continue development while performing major upgrades or migration
Complex cutover strategy & limited rollback options
Large downtime during deployments
Reliance on manual procedures

Early adoptors of MAS 8.x
Shift in technology
Fast approaching end of life for Maximo 7.6.x

We are a group of highly skilled IT engineers that help build and maintain cost effective, sustainable, and secure enterprise grade solutions.

We are passionate to build enterprise grade solutions for our customers without compromising quality, security and robustness.