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IBM Maximo® Services

Maximo 7.6.x to MAS 8.x Migrations and Upgrade

Maximo upgrades require a deep understanding of existing implementations, customizations, risks, and their impact on customers. Oak IT engineers have experience in many cloud migration programs and possess the necessary skills to ask the right questions. Oak IT provides a well-rehearsed migration strategy and meticulous planning. Maximo 7.6 to MAS 8.x migrations must be rehearsed multiple times in lower environments before being attempted in production.

A reliable deployment framework is necessary to eliminate doubts about whether issues are due to the environment or the migration. Oak IT has developed bespoke, proven deployment and installation methodologies to help customers achieve a smooth transition.

Oak IT has tools and frameworks to automate testing of existing interfaces, reports, workflows, and customizations after migrations. The company also works with customers to baseline current performance and ensure there is no degradation of performance post-migration.

Cloud and baremetal Installations

Oak IT is an expert in installing Red Hat OpenShift on both cloud and baremetal servers with ease. We are able to build and rebuild MAS and all its components from scratch and consistently every time using advanced tools and technologies,. We have set up labs in AWS and build MAS on a regular basis as new releases become available. Our deployment and release framework is portable across cloud platforms and has been proven to work in real-world scenarios. Feel free to contact us at oakitteam@oak-it.com.au for a demo. Our approach to installations is based on Infrastructure as Code (IaaC), allowing us to tear down and rebuild environments from scratch

Maintenance and Support

Oak IT Maximo Support engineers are highly skilled in supporting the underlying infrastructure and applications. As Oak IT's framework is common across our customers, we are able to efficiently support and maintain MAS with the latest tools and technologies.

Oak IT provides support in the following areas

1. Operations User Support
2. Cloud Cost Optimization advice and activities
3. Maximo Application Interfaces support
4. Certificate renewals
5. Maximo application and infrastructure Support
6. OS / Software currency
7. Deployment of customizations and configurations of Maximo changes.
8. Build / ReBuild Non Prod Environments.

IBM MAS Demo and PoC Environments set up

As a customer who is looking to explore MAS or a Business Partner looking to provide demonstration of MAS to potential customers, Oak IT is able to help provide an MAS environment in consultation with IBM for limited use. *T&Cs apply